Re: Technical feasibility to translate a project on Github

Le 08.10.20 à 14:13, Thibault Martin a écrit :

Flatpak doesn't have a proper translation platform. So far people retrieve and submit po files manually.

I know Flatpak doesn’t necessarily want to be too associated with GNOME so it doesn’t shy out other systems. Still, a translation provided by one of the major DE could be an huge improvement to today’s situation.

I have two questions here:
* Would we accept to take responsibility of Flatpak’s translations?
* Is it technically feasible for DL to handle the translations of a project stored on GitHub?

If we answer "yes" to both, I would offer to Flatpak’s team to take care of their translations, which they may or may not accept.

Hi Thibault,

There is more or less two level of translation supports in D-L.
The first one is "simply" a status of current module translations + updated pot and merged po files ready for translators to use.
That's the case for all freedesktop modules.

The second is ability to commit translations from the Web interface. We do not support Github currently for this feature.

So I would say that hosting translation stats would be fine IMHO. Adding commit support is another story, even if it should not be so much effort (to be evaluated, still).


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