Re: Docs and translators @ GUADEC 2018

Hi all,

Just a follow-up for those @ GUADEC, we'll meet Monday, 9th July in the
afternoon on campus, Aulario IV, 2nd floor, room 6.

You can add your topics or +1's in to help
us decide what to cover first.

See you there!

On Sun, 24 Jun 2018 19:03:21 +0200
Petr Kovar <pmkovar gnome org> wrote:

Hi all,

At GUADEC 2018, there will be hacking days held from 9th through 11th July.
Similarly to last year's GUADEC, I'd like to get everybody interested in
GNOME documentation or translations in one room to discuss plans, ideas, and
to work with any newcomers who might show up to find out how to start
contributing to GNOME with translations, documentation, or

Please let me know if you are interested in participating by signing up on
this planning page, so I can secure enough space for us to meet:

See you soon in Almeria!

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