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Hello Snehalata,

Just make sure you don't get lost, "msgfmt" is a tool from the GNU
Gettext project and if it is installed, then msgfmt should be
available. I assume you are not in a Linux system, as you use
"Notepad++". If that's the case and if you don't have Gettext (i.e.
you didn't find 'msgfmt' binary available in your system), you could
use Cygwin [1] or you have to get a Gettext built for Windows.

Having Gettext installed and msgfmt available, please check Hannie's


Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle
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Op 06-07-18 om 11:34 schreef Snehalata Shirude via gnome-i18n:

Hello everyone,

We are doing translation project - GIMP software for Marathi langauge.
We translated almost all .pot files using notepad++. We then saved that .pot file as .po file.
Then tried to upload the .po file using gnome account but we are getting the error ".po file does not pass 
“msgfmt -vc”. Please correct the file and try again."

And if we try using Poedit to save that file the translated strings gets disappear.

Please anyone can help us to solve the issue.

Waiting for the response....

Snehalata Shirude
MS, India

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Hello Snehalata,

You can do the following:
In the terminal, use the command msgfmt -cv -o /dev/null your-po-file.po
In the output you will get the string numbers of strings with an error, e.g. your-po-file.po:1934
Now go to an editor (I use gedit), and make sure the line numbers are shown (see Preferences)
You can now see the lines with an error as mentioned in the terminal.
Correct all errors and try to push again.


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