Re: Help with collecting keyboard data

On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Rui Tiago Cação Matos
<tiagomatos gmail com> wrote:

>> There may be some layouts for languages you don't have already (albeit
>> for OLPC keyboard configs).
>> You are only looking for XKB layouts?
> We are not particularly looking for more layouts. The current X server
> uses the xkeyboard-config[1] database (which already has more stuff
> than I'd like) and so that's what GNOME uses. Of course, if there are
> layouts missing in there we should add them and if some that are there
> currently have bugs they should be fixed.
> [1]
> I don't know much about OLPC at a technical level so I don't know
> which layouts database it uses. But, if it uses a modern X server it's
> also probably using xkeyboard-config and that would be why some of the
> layouts there are labeled as "OLPC".

OLPC builds are basically Fedora spins, the latest packages list includes


There may be some other OLPC specific stuff related to keyboards
layouts held in the Fedora koji build system repo somewhere, you would
really need to talk to the OLPC devs about that, I'm just a string
wrangler for Sugar Labs who occasionally tries to learn some more
about keyboards.

> What we are looking for is to collect data that allows us to preset a
> good default keyboard layout or input method that works for most
> people when installing GNOME in a given language/country.

That is why I mentioned the OLPC work as they do sometimes target
regions not previously on the Linux map and thus get involved in XKB
layout design and glibc locale development, etc.

> Are these new XO laptops going to ship the full GNOME desktop, i.e.
> including gnome-shell?

OLPC builds have been dual boot with a GNOME desktop for a while now,
but I can't say for sure about gnome-shell, I would go along with what
Sridhar had to say, he's got a lot of XO laptops deployed in

Sorry I can't give better answers, I would (and did) suggest talking
directly to the OLPC devs.


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