Help with collecting keyboard data

Hi everyone,

GNOME uses a database that maps keyboard layouts to countries and
languages. This is used to try and guess which layouts will be
interesting to users depending on their country and language.

Unfortunately, this database has a lot of gaps. To try and fix this,
we are trying to collect information about which keyboard layouts
people use, so we have a more complete database. This will hopefully
let us make better guesses about keyboard layouts.

It would be great if translation contributors could help us out with
this. It's very simple: just check out the instructions on the
keyboard data wiki page [1] and fill in the table with any information
you might have about which layouts are used.

This wiki page is still quite new, so just let me know if you have any
problems or are unsure about anything.

Thanks in advance for you help!

Allan Day


IRC:  aday on

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