Re: modifications in Lithuanian gnumeric translation


I've updated Lithuanian Gnumeric and posted it on Lithuanian team
coordinator took that translation, applied massive style changes and
committed translation without indicating who did those style changes.

Are you talking about copyright notices at the top of the file (where the name of coordinator should appear too) ?

Also, the changes are not so massive, mostly on "byla" changed to "failas", to be more consistent with the rest of lihuanian translations of GNOME.

These translation style changes are not acceptable. I ask to revert this
or commit my translation without controversial style changes.

Calm down.
Don't you think you should raise this question in lithuanian team first, rather then make it global problem. I saw no complaints from you on our team, so, how can anyone respect your opinion, if you haven't stated it (or did that a long time ago)?

Lithuanian Gnome "translators" MUST respect my work and either use my
contributions without their broken style changes or do their own gnumeric

The same way, you, as translator, should respect the general translation rules of the team, rather than to to your own. Or retranslate *ALL* GNOME programs in your style at submit it :)

This issue can't be solved within Lithuanian Gnome Team. They don't
respect my contributions and I refuse to accept authority of people, who
steal my work.

Why it can't? Give a link to mailing list logs, where this issue have been discussed.


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