2010 Q2 GNOME Quarterly Report

Hi all,

It's July, so I was asked by Stormy Peters to compose a GNOME Localization
Update to be included in the 2010 Q2 GNOME Quarterly Report. The deadline
is Friday July 16. Please see below what I've made up so far and please be
sure that your feedback regarding both the content and form is more than


Petr Kovar


Various localization teams that are part of the GNOME Translation Project
continued with focusing their localization effort on stable GNOME 2.30.1
and 2.30.2 releases which were released on April 28 and June 23,
respectively. Localization teams will proceed further with working on
localization for the upcoming GNOME 3 release.

GNOME translation community that gather together on the gnome-i18n mailing
list discussed and conducted common translation project administrivia,
including assistance in changing coordinators in several localization
teams, the most notable case being the Slovak translation team, in which
several translators expressed their discontent with the current way of
coordination. The issue was thoroughly discussed within the Coordination
Team in order to mediate the dispute and was settled down in the beginning
of July when the current Slovak coordinator announced his resignation.

Among other things discussed was the legal issue of whether translators who
are not legal experts should translate legal notices or license texts that
usually come with the free software distribution. This topic was further
discussed on the GNOME legal-list with Luis Villa.

Also, there was a change done in the structure of the GNOME Translation
Project coordination. Previously, the project was formally led by two
Spokes Persons who were also senior members of the extended Coordination
Team. Now, the Spokes Person status has been obsoleted in favor of a
larger Coordination Team.

For string freeze break requests during the GNOME Desktop development cycle,
developers now always need two approvals from the Coordination Team. The
Coordination Team that now consists of 11 members will also seek ways to
improve the responsiveness about requests.

One of the important tasks that the GNOME Translation Project intends to
accomplish during Q3 is completing the implementation of Git commit support
through the infrastructure running on l10n.gnome.org.


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