Re: documentation with mallard ready for translate

Le samedi 10 juillet 2010 à 03:53 +0200, Fran Diéguez a écrit :
> Hi all!
> After some months trying to making stable (without major bugs) in the
> core translations of GNOME 3.0, our translators team (Galician) want to
> get translated more files.
> At this point at Galician language there isn't translations for any
> documentation so we are interested in this particular files. But, thanks
> to nacho (Ignacio Quintero) we take notice that all the documentation is
> been ported to Mallard right now.
> So, the questions are: 
> What modules are available to translate and ported to mallard?
> Is there any wiki page that lists all of them?


You should probably ask this question on gnome-doc-list gnome org  At level, we're pretty format agnostic, as long as po files
can be generated...


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