Re: Using two translation workflows for one module

On Tue, 2010-02-23 at 19:15 +0100, Petr Kovar wrote:
> > I do not know about Launchpad because I have never used it. But in
> > developers have the option of allowing anyone to submit
> > or require that new translators or teams ask for permission. Solang
> > requires that new translators/teams ask for permission.
> That's nice, but as others have already mentioned, I think that
> senior / experienced enough translators should be the primary ones giving
> "permissions", developers aren't usually the right persons to decide
> whether translator is doing one's things appropriately.

I think the main problem of approach used in Solang project is that it
doesn't respect the Gnome hierarchy of translations flow - in general,
the coordinator of each respected Gnome l10n team is the main and only
point in the whole l10n effort, and his exclusive position is the key to
consistency in .po files. Though Solang project puts Gnome coordinator
lower than upstream developer which now is in charge of granting
permissions to translators and committing (possibly unreviewed) changes
in git.
I think if Solang upstream developers will respect the existing teams
hierarchy (even while using Transifex for translations) then it will be
ok. So grant permissions to translators approved, make Gnome l10n
coordinator the main person to choose translations to go into the tree -
and then we're ok.
The usage of separate l10n tool on upstream side is not a very good idea
in terms of popularity of the module among potential localizers but at
least an approach stated above won't do a mess of Gnome modules.

Best regards,

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