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Am Dienstag, den 03.08.2010, 09:07 -0400 schrieb Og Maciel:
> On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 9:00 AM, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
> > What for? Coordinators are expected to be subscribed to this mailing
> > list anyway...
> I feel that it will give us a good pulse for what teams are active and
> which ones aren't. Besides, if we don't get a "RSVP" from a team
> coordinator, we could then make it a point of reaching out to the team
> and see if we can do anything to wake it up. Basically, I want to be
> proactive.

I see, and I agree.

On a related note to being "proactive", I blogged about my thoughts and
ideas as I gave a talk at GUADEC about identifying teams in need:

Maybe some of it could be useful, e.g. contacting teams with a big loss
according to (mk,
dz, sq, si, ne, en_CA, cy, hr, fa, vi) and teams that have had a very
low Git activity for the last two years (an, bal, bem, dv, ff, fur, gn,
ha, km, ks, ky, nap, tg, yo, zh_trad, zu, en_AU, ha, kk, la, ug) to ask
for their status and potential issues and reasons why activity is low,
and if possible how to help them (e.g. in case of missing manpower
contacting downstream teams).

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