Re: Getting to know each other!

2010-08-01 20:05 keltezéssel, Og Maciel írta:
Hi there fellow translators!!!

A while back I wanted to propose an online meeting with the GTP gang
and (if possible) all coordinators and supporters for the GNOME
language teams to get a pulse of how the community in general is. It
would be nice to learn about who is coordinating what team, what your
level of participation is, issues you're having, feedback on how to
improve things, etc.

What do you guys think?
Posting my opinion here too:

Some time ago this question came up in the Ubuntu coordination team, and we settled at UDS[1] to send out a survey, the results are at [2].

Compared to an IRC meeting, this method seems to scale better, it is also easier to create nice graphs from the collected data :). So, I guess this could work for us too.

Gabor Kelemen


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