Re: [+gnome] Re: Leaving the coordination of Galician Language

Wouter Bolsterlee escrebeu:
> 2009-03-11 klockan 12:51 skrev suso:
> > DL states that after reserving translation automatically. I reserved all the
> > translations as the first step of the process to obtain SVN access, as I 
> > informed in this list in a previous mail.
> I'm sorry for the confusion: this was intended as a general question about
> Damned Lies. I did not intend to question your workflow at all (which I
> think is alright).

Don't worry Wouter and thanks for your clarification. I'm just trying to be
very clear with all the steps I'm doing regarding the process of gaining
access to SVN because I know it's a sensitive matter. 

Best regards,

Xesús Manuel Benítez Baleato                                  Coordenador
Centro de Referéncia e Servizos de Software Libre
Praza de Europa, nº 15A, 6ºC 15707    Santiago de Compostela (Galiza/ ES)
Tel/ Fax: (0034) 981 957 867/ 881 999 113   <suso.baleato @>

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