Re: [vertimus] Merge uploaded file?

Le mardi 20 janvier 2009 à 11:17 +0100, Luca Ferretti a écrit :
> Il giorno lun, 19/01/2009 alle 22.36 +0100, Claude Paroz ha scritto:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'd like to know your opinion about the following matter:
> > - Should files uploaded by translators on the Vertimus section of
> > be always merged with the latest pot file?
> Well, the l10n.g.o workflow is:
>       * grab the updated PO 
>       * work on it
>       * upload PO with changes
> While you are working on PO, original messages could be changed by
> developers, so we need a way to check and compare uploaded PO against
> latest available POT. 
> If you don't want to change uploaded stuff, you could add a warning like
> in attached screenshot: hovering the mouse on warning message could show
> a tooltip explaing the reason of the warning, something like: "The
> translation you uploaded was checked against latest POT files. It seems
> that some messages was changes while you was working on it. The uploaded
> translation compared against latest POT files reports X fuzzy and Y
> untranslated". I'm speaking about changed messages, not changed
> source/line references.
> Then you could:
>      A. add a "Update" button near warning message - translator can
>         click on it to force the merge
>      B. provide two links, one for original uploaded file, one for the
>         merged one
>      C. other? any idea?

Thanks Luca for your ideas. I finally choose B (as Vincent also
suggested), even if this is a little heavy in my opinion. We can always
improve it later.

I just put in production the merged/diff functionalities. There is still
a patch from Og in Bugzilla to provide a classical diff. I'll see if I
can add an option somewhere for accessing it.

And we also have to provide means to show diff with other files.

Hope you'll find this useful.


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