Re: What can Git do for translators?

First of all! Thanks guys.

A few months ago I posted a bug, that addresses some of the issues.

I'd like to point some more translator specific ones.

Programers write code and commit the changes for other programmers to
write code, to commit to other ... , translators commit changes for
the users of the desktop and except of reviews, don't expect major
changes. They improve their own work. Uploading changes to a ftp
should suffice, everything else should be computer's task. I used the
translationproject mail system and it was great, if I neglect all the
licenses that one has to acquire and one file per mail limit.

Language coordinator many times changes a single word in many
different po files. Committing all this files is a problem for any
system under current features/functionality. In the end you start
"collecting" the changes and then just before the cycle is over, you
take a day of at work and commit every single file. As I read in
previous posts, I also need to make 4 steps to get the job done in svn
so moving to git really makes no difference. On the other hand making
one folder per language in damn lies would in my view drastically
increase the translations, cause instead of committing for 10 hours, I
could take new files ... Using such system would benefit on any system
used, not breaking the programming.
Maybe there is a simpler way, but I am not aware of it and sometimes
wonder if I really want to be aware of it.

There should also be possibility to commit for "other users". Stats
should also be made for translator, but since the translator does not
commit, their data is being written to the commiter. Once I found a where really nice info is being displayed,
but it's not really realistic if the commiter gets all the credit.
Stats make you "compete" with others and with yourself. Looking at 99%
translated really does make you squeeze some more time, don't you

On the Damn lies related side.
Currently In the release view table (eg. GNOME 2.26 (Development) )
beside the stats (graph line) of the every project there should be
more "quick info" like direct link to the language po file, branch pot
file, name of the user who reserved the translation and an indication
that a bugreport was send or the translator sent an attachment. Thou
the system works fine, I think there are to many mouseclicks that need
to be made to get the info. The whatever system used there should be a
simple way to get the stats.


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