Re: [ANNOUNCE] brasero-0.8.4 released and branched

Le jeudi 08 janvier 2009 à 11:03 +0100, Claude Paroz a écrit :
Le mardi 16 décembre 2008 à 01:44 +0000, Luis Medinas a écrit :
> On Sun, 2008-12-14 at 19:09 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Am Sonntag, den 14.12.2008, 18:16 +0100 schrieb Philippe Rouquier:
> > > The title says it all: a new version of brasero has just been
> > > released. It has also been branched to start developping new features.
> > > trunk will now host development version while the stable version will
> > > be in branches/brasero_0_8.
> > > 
> > > On this topic, next version of brasero should be split between a
> > > library and the application itself. A plugin for totem is also in the
> > > works.
> > 
> > So the proposal for inclusion in GNOME 2.26 refers to the brasero_0_8
> > branch and not to trunk, I assume?
> > Need to know for testing and translations.
> > 
> This is Philippe decision i'm not sure if we can deliver all plans for
> 0.9 (the library) that were proposed during the inclusion thread. Please
> give us a day or two to give a final answer about it.
> Maybe it's too late for other modules adopt the library if it's the
> idea.



Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in answering. I wasn't sure if we could complete a tighter integration with various GNOME apps in time so I held back as long as I could.

Current status for trunk is:
- there is a patch pending for rhythmbox and totem adding to both of them a plugin
- ATM I'm working on a media detection library (already in trunk)  much like nautilus-cd-burner API wise (minus the burning part) which is necessary for sound-juicer

All this took time and I wasn't sure if 0.9 could be usable. Now it seems that it's possible to complete all this in the given time frame (12th of January right?).

Most of the work done in 0.9 was mostly bug fixing (to be backported to 0.8 branch for a last release) and adding the necessary bits for brasero to be used by the said plugins. There wasn't any outstanding feature that could jeopardize brasero stability; therefore 0.9 can be considered as pretty stable.

Over the weekend I will review and fix the last bugs that translators sent and possibly complete the necessary remaining bits for sound juicer.

So for GNOME 2.26 inclusion we'd like to propose 0.9. I had told Andre Klapper that 0.8 should be good but it turned out 0.9 will be a better choice after all.

Thanks and sorry for keeping you waiting so long.


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