Re: Localized personal names (was Is --signoff required for and translations?)

2009-04-04 klockan 17:49 skrev Petr Kovar:
> On a similar note, do you guys think it's a good practice to use localized
> translators', committers' etc. personal names, or is it better to stick with
> the good old ASCII? That is, considering languages with Latin-based
> alphabet primarily.
> Cheers
> Petr Kovar, or, if you like, Petr Kovář

I'd say you should use what YOU choose to be your name. That might include
diacritics, or using a different script. Unicode should be used everywhere.
I mean, come on, this is 2009. :)

(My name does not contain any diacritics, but if it did, I would ALWAYS add
those and ask others to use the REAL spelling as well.)

    — Wouter

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