Re: Which gdm will we be translating for GNOME 2.24

Den 20. sep. 2008 18.39 skrev Mișu Moldovan <dumol gnome ro>:
"Kenneth Nielsen" <k nielsen81 gmail com> a scris:
> >
> All right people, 4 Days to release, we need a decision on this NOW! You
> can't expect all the translation teams to just drop everything to translate
> this within the last couple of days or hours or whenever you are planning on
> having a decision ready. Figure it out!

I was wondering about gdm also... But are the relevant persons
subscribed to this list? Isn't this up to release-team?

I just forwarded my previous e-mail to the release team

I can't help mentioning that the new gdm broke in GNOMEDeveloperKit
(Foresight Linux) about a week ago and I can't use it anymore to test
a translation for the new gdm.


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