Re: Some useful scripts

Em Ter, 2008-09-02 às 02:06 -0300, Leonardo F. Fontenelle escreveu:
> I just created the TranslationProject/Scripts page and added "review", a
> reworked version of "zzpo". Usage is very simple: checkout the po/ or
> help/ dir, make local changes (translate, or download a translation you
> want to review), then run the script without arguments. It's a very good
> companion to the "tsfx" script I attached to a previous email. With them
> you don't need to checkout the entire module and run 'intltool-update':
> you can use damned-lies' message catalogs.

In case anyone is trying the "review" script, I'd like to say I just
updated the file in GNOME Live. I fixed the first pair of XPath's, so
that it should work for everything. (The 3 xpaths in the script were
harder for me to write than all the rest of the script!) And now the
script is a little less verbose.

As a side effect of the default settings of the script, I started using
gedit more frequently to edit message catalogs. I recommend that
everyone tries gedit-pomode 0.16.

Leonardo Fontenelle

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