Re: problem with translating totem

> One thing that you do not mention is what distribution you are using to 
> test your translations.
>  From the previous e-mails, you grabbed the PO files for what we call 
> HEAD (or trunk), which can be slightly different from, let's say, the 
> totem version you get in Ubuntu 8.04.
> For example, in totem in Ubuntu 8.04, the original message could be 
> something like "Skip _me: " but in the latest development version of 
> Totem, it could have changed to "Skip _me:" (notice the space 
> different). Thus, while a fully translated HEAD PO file is excellent for 
> the new version of Ubuntu, for the current version some messages may not 
> show up.


 I wanna translate ubuntu 8.04

 Currently I am using HEAD, is this wrong? if yes, what version I must

Mohammad Foroughi

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