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> > > Sometimes, this mess makes ubuntu miss releasing translations. Glade-3
> > > in ubuntu came without translations *at all* despite it being 100%
> > > translated to over 20 languages.
> >
> > AFAIK, that is a packaging problem, where there isn't any pot file in
> > the source.
> The process did it. Had there been no middle management of
> translations, they'd just be in the glade source tarball and they
> get'd released fine. Checkout debian packages for example. FYI, a bug
> has been fixed about this, but the translations are not released yet
> after over 2 months. So much for "up to date translations".

I've been confused between glade-2 and glade-2. Debian also misses them.
But I'm still wondering what's taking it so long to be pushed since it
was fixed.

What I am asking  is to lock upstream strings that have been done.
What is the point of offering them?
1) If there is an error, there is
2) If someone wants to contribute, they can join the upstream project.
3) if the translations are not locked and someone works on them, they
waste their time and their translations go to /dev/null when upstream
has done them.

(Actually I'm not sure about point 3, what happens in the case of conflicts?)


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