Re: String additions to 'epiphany.gnome-2-20'

Hi Andre,

I have to agree with Og Maciel,
El mar, 11-09-2007 a las 01:10 +0200, Andre Klapper escribió:
> i don't care about 100% translation rates of a language (though it's a
> nice thing to have, of course), what i care about is the overall user
> experience, and if the gtp or the release-team decide that a (real)
> string change should go in, then there's a reason for those decisions.
Unfortunately Spain is not a country of very good English speakers or readers, 
and parts of south America also, and we received many feedback from untranslated
software or "I would use that but is not (completely) translated" and
blah blah

My parents wouldn't use GNOME if it was not translated into Spanish.

Jorge González González <jorge gonzalez gonzalez hispalinux es>

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