Re: String additions to 'epiphany.gnome-2-20'

hi jorge,

Am Dienstag, den 11.09.2007, 00:32 +0200 schrieb Jorge González
> El lun, 10-09-2007 a las 17:03 -0400, Og Maciel escribió:
> > I understand that no new strings were added but since they have now
> > been "toggled" for translation, it will require us to go back and do
> > the work.
> Yes, that is the point. We all want to have GNOME translated into our
> languages and not every translation team is able to commit translations 
> every day, so while string freeze those translations are commited. If
> there string freeze breaks and "no string freeze breaks" but added
> strings 
> is more or less the same, more work for ever translation team.

regarding the explicit epiphany issue here: if you do not translate the
4 strings, it will not change ANYTHING to the user, compared to before.
the strings will remain english in the epiphany UI, as before. but now
that the strings have been marked for translation, you as a translator
at least *can* translate them. that wasn't possible before.
you can translate them right now if you are able to commit, or you can
do this in 3 months, if you don't find time before. it's all in your
i don't care about 100% translation rates of a language (though it's a
nice thing to have, of course), what i care about is the overall user
experience, and if the gtp or the release-team decide that a (real)
string change should go in, then there's a reason for those decisions.

again, on the general criticism: i haven't seen a lot of string freeze
breakages so far, but i guess everybody has a different definition of "a
lot". :-)
it can happen that maintainers accidentially commit patches with string
changes, everybody makes mistakes. but once the committers have been
informed, the changes often get reverted pretty fast, afaics.
for future reference, if someone finds out about a string freeze
breakage, and the automatic email notification hasn't send an email
about it to the list yet, i'd be happy to see people bringing up
explicit string freeze breakages here (if possible, CC the committer),
so we can work them out (read: most often: revert) as quick as possible.


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