Re: String additions to 'epiphany.gnome-2-20'

El lun, 10-09-2007 a las 17:03 -0400, Og Maciel escribió:
> I understand that no new strings were added but since they have now
> been "toggled" for translation, it will require us to go back and do
> the work. So maybe the underlining message should be: "take a careful
> look at your code and translated strings BEFORE the string freeze,
> EVEN if technically you're not adding new strings.
Yes, that is the point. We all want to have GNOME translated into our
languages and not every translation team is able to commit translations 
every day, so while string freeze those translations are commited. If
there string freeze breaks and "no string freeze breaks" but added
is more or less the same, more work for ever translation team.

> I did read the notification for epiphany changes (the subject of the
> email is a dead giveway), but I did not receive a notification for
> gcalctool.
Again, yes. It doesn't really matters that epiphany broke or not the
freeze, was evolution or eog, it doesn't really matters.

Jorge González González <jorge gonzalez gonzalez hispalinux es>

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