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hi fernando,

Am Dienstag, den 28.11.2006, 02:51 +0200 schrieb Fernando Herrera:
> So the hot question: what's expected on 2.17 regarding bug-buddy?.
> 1) Some polishing of the new UI
> 2) When no debug symbols are present, dump the crash information into
> a minidump file and send it to a debug server to create a rich
> backtrace of the proccess and send it back to bugzilla
> 3) Implement that debug server code to collect debug info from most
> common distributions (at least Fedora Core, Debian and OpenSuSE) and
> to enrich incoming minidumps

are there any plans to start working on a framework to make bug-buddy
display feedback provided by

when ubuntu 6.10 and fedora core 6 were released, we had about 4000 bug
reports a week. this wasn't fun anymore, but hard work - spending
several hours each day to triage the incoming bugs and provide feedback
to the user; time that i could have spent on other GNOME things to do.
the number of bugs that i have already closed this year has reached a
state that i would have never expected in my wildest dreams. :-/

as the GNOME community and user base grows, we have to handle more and
more reports, which either means that the bugsquad needs more volunteer
triagers, or that we need more automation.
the latter one should be the way to go.

what will be possible by achieving this?
we can reject duplicates and tell the user about this (okay - we can do
this already by pretending that the user has filed the original bug
report[1], but this is more a hack than a solution).
we can tell the user that he is using an obsolete version, and directly
reject the bug report.
if every gnome bugzilla product has a boolean value providing its
maintenance state, we can also tell the user that he/she should not
expect fixes, as that product is currently unmaintained.
we can tell the user that his issue has been fixed already and that his
distribution provides an update (a result of this could be to provide a
direct "update" button for each distribution).

we should also take care of i18n here by having bug-buddy submit the
user's LANG setting, so the feedback language could be

can i expect some work on this?


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