bug-buddy was branched silently some time ago


I branched bug-buddy silently some days ago. I cannot remember if my
plan was mailing d-d-l and friends in the next morning, but I
completely forgot about it.

So the hot question: what's expected on 2.17 regarding bug-buddy?.

1) Some polishing of the new UI
2) When no debug symbols are present, dump the crash information into
a minidump file and send it to a debug server to create a rich
backtrace of the proccess and send it back to bugzilla
3) Implement that debug server code to collect debug info from most
common distributions (at least Fedora Core, Debian and OpenSuSE) and
to enrich incoming minidumps

Two side notes:
a) 2) and 3) will introduce a dependencing on google's airbag library
and would happen only if that code is ready for out 2.17 schedule.
b) I have some code for 3), but what we would need to deploy it is:
hardware and bandwith for it.

Some time ago I got an email from Intel interested on donating
hardware for this purpose, but I lost track about it. Should I ask the
Foundation about it?


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