Re: cvs assistance needed (probably)

Dne 18.11.2006 (sob) ob 17:54 +0100 je Stanisław Małolepszy zapisal(a):
> Can anyone help us please? We would appreciate either creating a CVS 
> account for Wadim Dziedzic (although I am aware, that this would have to 
> be done as an exception from the rules, which makes it hard for me to 
> ask for it) or having someone check in the files for us.


I have committed all the files in libs directory. But because I am very
short on time I would suggest that someone else commits the rest. I
would also like to suggest, that in these circumstances a cvs account
should be given to Wadim Dziedzic. They obviously have a lot of files to
be committed and if their coordinator approves it, I see no problem at

Best regards,
Matic Zgur

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