cvs assistance needed (probably)


I'm a member of polish gnome translation team.
Polish translation got a massive update for 2.16.1, but now it appears that we have nobody with cvs access among us. It seems that our coordinator (Artur Flinta) is off-line at the moment and most probably will be offline for all this week-end. He started a cvs account grant procedure for me, but at the moment we have no response from accounts gnome org

So I would like to know possibly exact deadline date for translation cvs commit and if there is somebody who would help us with the commit in case we don't contact Artur before the deadline. (I know that this idea is rather unusual, but maybe as an exception, someone of You will help us ;-))

thanks in advance,
AviaryPL l10n team
e-mail: w dziedzic aviary pl
jabber: nikdo jabberpl org

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