Re: cvs assistance needed (probably)

wadim dziedzic napisał(a):

So I would like to know possibly exact deadline date for translation cvs commit and if there is somebody who would help us with the commit in case we don't contact Artur before the deadline. (I know that this idea is rather unusual, but maybe as an exception, someone of You will help us ;-))


I work with Wadim and Artur on Polish l10n of GNOME. We have updated more than 4,000 messages for GNOME targeting the 2.16.2 release.

We would love having them in this release - but it will be only possible, if we commit them into the CVS repository.

Can anyone help us please? We would appreciate either creating a CVS account for Wadim Dziedzic (although I am aware, that this would have to be done as an exception from the rules, which makes it hard for me to ask for it) or having someone check in the files for us.

I've submitted a request in the Bugzilla:

The files are located here:

Thank you for your help!

Stanisław Małolepszy

-- l10n team

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