Re: Sun contributed l10n documentation

On Wo, 2006-11-08 at 17:32 -0200, Leonardo Fontenelle wrote:
> One of Pootle's current aim is to improve support for XLIFF. Pootle is
> an online translation tool; although offline (e.g. gtranslator) tools
> are and will remain very important, I believe an online tool should
> lower barriers to contribute and improve translation consistency.
> Pootle's documentation is located in; the
> following pages cover XLIFF:
> .
> .
> Debian is working with Pootle to move Debian's translation process
> into Pootle. GNOME could do that too! IMHO it would be great to have a
> GNOME server "à la Pootle", and an off-line translation tool
> (gtranslator?) comunicating with it "à la bug-buddy". (Note: I don't
> do code, I think as a software _user_).
> Leonardo Fontenelle
> 2006/11/8, Francisco Javier F. Serrador <serrador tecknolabs com>:
> > The problem with XLIFF I think there are not enough free software tools
> > to have a complete globalization stack.

As mentioned in my separate e-mail about Pootle, we consider our move to
XLIFF as a really important task.  We are also busy building an offline
translation editor that is made with Qt4 and Python and will therefore
be cross platform.  It will work with PO and XLIFF files and also be
based on the translate toolkit, like Pootle.  It will also sport many of
the same features of the Pootle editor like checks (see my separate
e-mail), and extra features such as translation memory.  Another aspect
that we have planned for the future, is indeed this kind of integration
between client translation programs and the Pootle server, where the
server facilitates the translation management and workflow.  So yes, we
definitely are working on the complete stack, as Javier Serrador calls

Dwayne Bailey and Javier Solá from our team recently met with Damien
Donlon of Sun to explored ways of working together around Pootle, XLIFF
and localisation.  I think we will see more in this space
in future.

Pootle programmer

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