Re: Sun contributed l10n documentation

One of Pootle's current aim is to improve support for XLIFF. Pootle is
an online translation tool; although offline (e.g. gtranslator) tools
are and will remain very important, I believe an online tool should
lower barriers to contribute and improve translation consistency.

Pootle's documentation is located in; the
following pages cover XLIFF:

Debian is working with Pootle to move Debian's translation process
into Pootle. GNOME could do that too! IMHO it would be great to have a
GNOME server "à la Pootle", and an off-line translation tool
(gtranslator?) comunicating with it "à la bug-buddy". (Note: I don't
do code, I think as a software _user_).

Leonardo Fontenelle

2006/11/8, Francisco Javier F. Serrador <serrador tecknolabs com>:
The problem with XLIFF I think there are not enough free software tools
to have a complete globalization stack.

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