Re: Sun contributed l10n documentation

The problem with XLIFF I think there are not enough free software tools
to have a complete globalization stack.

We could use xliff for documentation now, but many of our teams should
learn how to operate with java language tools, (that's the only free
software reliable application dealing with XLIFF, I think). In my team
there are at least two people who have given a try, (doing some
OpenOffice localization) but found the application too heavy (using a
PIII and 128 Mb is not enough).

Also if we can use gettext to spit and eat xliff (which version? how to
deal with plural forms?) directly, it would be significanly easier to
port the rest of our infrastructure maybe using translate-tools to deal
with xliff on websites, or implementing some xslt transformations to
generate a propoer xhtml. 


El mié, 08-11-2006 a las 08:27 -0800, Young Joo Pintaske escribió:
> Thanks for the email/blog responses. Is there a plan to move to Xliff? I 
> saw this question in one of the blog comments.
> regards,
> Young
> Danilo Šegan wrote On 2006년 11월 07일 오후 04:25,:
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