Re: Georgian (ka) GNOME Localisation Project - Nothing done since 2004

In real i see there are only two problems - one with activity in Gnome
maintaining and one with enhancements of our translation system.

We have glossary, dictionary, discussion forums, portal, terminology,
community support and all this is even in beta. But, we need much enhanced
online translation tool... Later we will improve current translation tools
that we have.

Here is KDE

As you see Christian, at the same time many things were done:
KDE Trunk (3.9x) - ca. 70% translated, waiting for correction, only little
part updated
Terminology - on site only 18000 terms are
included - they are from OpenOffice Project - status: 90% translated, only
patches were sent.
Mozilla Suite - 100% done, sent. Some our builds are directly available for
Mozilla Seamonkey - 100% done, already sent.
Firefox - 100% done & sent.
Thunderbird - 100% done & sent.
(We have created special portal, but information is not updated - )
TuxPaint - 100% done & sent.
GCompris - 100% done & sent.
Celestia - 100% done, now commiting.
Opera - 100% done & sent.
GAIM - hmm... it was 30%.. now 100?? :)
BitComet - 100% done. not sent.
BitTorrent - 100% done. not sent.
Beep Media Player - 95% done & sent, now updating...
The GIMP - about 30% done, but i will not continue translating it - common
graphical words are not translated yet.
Bluefish - 50% translated, not sent.
Synaptic - 60% translated, not sent.
phpMyAdmin - already translated, but i dont like it...
MediaWiki - Code part done... Will be freezed until it will appear in GiaWiki
Plone - 100% done & sent.
PHP Fusion - 100% done.
TortoiseSVN - 100% done & sent.
Squirrelmail - Main file translated, now discussing...

Also in progress:
SuSE Yast Configuration utility and installer, Redhat Fedora Core
(System-config-etc, anaconda installer), Ubuntu Files, Debian Files...

Georgian console fonts, bitmap fonts, ucs fonts, old-standard fonts
(now in unicode) are ready by Mr. Shervashidze.

And all that was done in very short, offline... Its not a "some progress",
please dont call it so, we were working on it.
Maybe we will have some servers inshort time for direct-mirroring of CVS Trees
and apt4rpm/apt4deb repositories for Fedora, SuSE, Ubuntu, Kubuntu,
Debian,, Apache e.t.c.

Special 10x to Ubuntu/Gnome translators, Georgian eRiders
( for supporting OSS Community and creating ubuntu
repository mirror, people from and its adminitrator for
creating debian apt mirror, university for creating
first georgian livecd - Great job!

Totally about 25-30 persons are working on all translation projects,
not more... Help us to expand coverage zone...

Our project is not commercial and is supported by its members, all current
translations (except Skype) are free and open.

Best Regards,
George Machitidze
Georgian Internet Alliance

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