Re: Comparing methods

> >However, I do appreciate that having a simple way of getting all the
> >current POT files helps new teams a lot. As a consequence, years ago I
> >requested there be a link on the status pages where you could download
> >a tarball with "all current POT files for developer-libs" and a
> >tarball with "all current POT files for desktop". I imagine that would
> >not be a very complicated feature to add.
> Yes, this is the part that I also think could be useful. I gather it  
> didn't happen...

Missing features leads to lots of people thinking up their own hacks.
For example, here's a bash script that downloads the files for one
language for you:

for i in desktop developer-libs proposed; 
	mkdir -p $i;  
	cd $i; 
	wget -r -l 1 -N -nd  -A"*.po,*.pot"$LANG_CODE/$i/; 
	cd ..; 

-N is a timestamp check, but it's only there to save a little
bandwith. wget will happily overwrite any files already in the

Set LANG_CODE to your language code, of course. I don't know if it'll
work on Mac (you need a bourne shell and wget).

Åsmund Skjæveland {
   aasmunds student matnat uio no

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