Re: [translate-pootle] Re: Web-based translation for GNOME

Yesterday at 19:09, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

> In addition to this, my initial concern is whether a translator (or a
> translation management tool) should use the .POT and .PO files from
> rather than checking out all of GNOME CVS.
> It's quite tempting to use the files from
> and base whatever tools are created on them.

I'd use for one reason only: you don't need to
keep up with intltool updates and changes, while
already does that (and will continue doing so).

> My personal preference would be to setup something like a

I can't seem to be able to load this page, though it might be a
problem on my end (I get "Not Found").

> that would allow from a Web-interface to
> complete remaining translations (typically 5-20 messages) and have them
> moved upstream automatically. No need to manually cvs checkout, no emacs
> to edit ChangeLog, no manuall commit.

Agreed.  Read my other e-mail to Dwayne on notification mechanisms I'd
like to have.  Basically, we want to add another criteria: changed
from not-fully translated to fully translated (which would be high

> In another setting, one would download initially a snapshot of the .po
> files for a specific language to work offline on them, have a
> weekend-long translation fest on the local network (thus responsive
> interface), manually verify the work for correctness and finally click
> on "Move upstream" to send off in one go to GNOME CVS. Or simply commit
> manually.

Yes, agreed, but also in the way I described in my previous e-mail:
"Move upstream" should ask for CVS login and password, should not
store them in any permanent storage apart from RAM (which may end up
in swap on disk, but I don't think you can control that much from
Python), and forget them once the operation is done.


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