Re: Request for string breakage in gnome-utils

Yesterday at 20:42, Vincent Untz wrote:

> There's currently one string not marked as translatable in the gnome
> dictionary: it's "Spellings" (you can see it in the left pane that you
> can make appear with Ctrl+S). It was not added recently: it just was not
> marked as translatable when it was introduced some times ago.
> Is it okay to break the string freeze so translators can have a chance
> to translate it?

I think Christian's initial mail about this was quite clear.

: The following types of changes do not need explicit approval, however we
: would still very much like them to be announced so that we know about
: them:
: * Marking a message for translation that was previously not marked for
: translation by accident.

So basically, just let the gnome-i18n know once you mark it, so
translators can update their translations. 

Thanks for being careful, though :)


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