Re: [translate-pootle] Re: Web-based translation for GNOME

ÎÏÎÏ 16/ÎÎÏ/2005, ÎÎÎÏÎ ÎÎÏÎÏÏÎ ÎÎÎ ÏÏÎ 13:58, Î/Î Danilo Åegan ÎÎÏÎÏÎ:
> Hi Simos,
> Just to be clear: something like this should *not* be obligatory for
> Gnome translation work (even though you never implied it would be, I'm
> putting a disclaimer here :).

As Dwayne said, the translation management tools are to help translation
teams that want to use them.

> While I think having web-based translation tool would be excellent for
> official GTP, I find Pootle quite lacking in features.
> Today at 14:35, Simos Xenitellis wrote:
> > b. The stat pages contain complete information to locate the .po/.pot
> > files, such as branch, folder, location of .po files and so on. That
> > info could be parsed from HTML. Any suggestions to have some other
> > format for these data, that's easier to parse?
> > c. There will be a dependancy to the structure of the HTML pages, unless
> > again there is some sort of XML file, listing the complete information
> > of the translation files.
> Look at gnome-i18n/status/data/translation-status.xml file for your
> input.  At some times, l10n-status gets out of sync (between updates,
> when someone does some changes to translation-status.xml), but that
> shouldn't be too big of a problem. 

Is there a generated .xml file that lists all the .po files, for
example, for the Greek language?
I suppose one would then use the following.
Using the existing translation-status.xml, if a translation management
tool wanted to work on the .po files for gnome-utils, release 2.10, it
would parse the .xml file, then using:

    <version release="gnome-2.10">
      <component name="gnome-utils" dir="gnome-utils" group="desktop">
        <podir dir="po"/>
        <potname name="gnome-utils-2.0.pot"/>
        <branch name="gnome-2-10"/>

it would test if
exists (so there is existing translation) and use it to continue
If the URL does not exist, it would load up
and start an initial translation.

In addition to this, my initial concern is whether a translator (or a
translation management tool) should use the .POT and .PO files from rather than checking out all of GNOME CVS.
It's quite tempting to use the files from
and base whatever tools are created on them.

> Another approach is to use jhbuild modulesets files (Carlos has been
> planning to use them for still unfinished new status pages).
> > d. Web-translation tools could commit the changes using either a common
> > CVS account (for example, for Pootle, you can either translate through
> > the main installation at or install it on
> > your own), or have team leaders (that want to do Web-based translation)
> > put their username/password in the Web-translation system.
> Or perhaps simply e-mail the coordinator who would be able to commit
> it on their own?  That's a completely valid option, and the one I
> would most likely use if I end up using it at all.

My personal preference would be to setup something like a that would allow from a Web-interface to
complete remaining translations (typically 5-20 messages) and have them
moved upstream automatically. No need to manually cvs checkout, no emacs
to edit ChangeLog, no manuall commit.
In another setting, one would download initially a snapshot of the .po
files for a specific language to work offline on them, have a
weekend-long translation fest on the local network (thus responsive
interface), manually verify the work for correctness and finally click
on "Move upstream" to send off in one go to GNOME CVS. Or simply commit

Simos Xenitellis

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