Re: Web-based translation for GNOME

Hi Simos,

Just to be clear: something like this should *not* be obligatory for
Gnome translation work (even though you never implied it would be, I'm
putting a disclaimer here :).

While I think having web-based translation tool would be excellent for
official GTP, I find Pootle quite lacking in features.

Today at 14:35, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

> b. The stat pages contain complete information to locate the .po/.pot
> files, such as branch, folder, location of .po files and so on. That
> info could be parsed from HTML. Any suggestions to have some other
> format for these data, that's easier to parse?
> c. There will be a dependancy to the structure of the HTML pages, unless
> again there is some sort of XML file, listing the complete information
> of the translation files.

Look at gnome-i18n/status/data/translation-status.xml file for your
input.  At some times, l10n-status gets out of sync (between updates,
when someone does some changes to translation-status.xml), but that
shouldn't be too big of a problem. 

Another approach is to use jhbuild modulesets files (Carlos has been
planning to use them for still unfinished new status pages).

> d. Web-translation tools could commit the changes using either a common
> CVS account (for example, for Pootle, you can either translate through
> the main installation at or install it on
> your own), or have team leaders (that want to do Web-based translation)
> put their username/password in the Web-translation system.

Or perhaps simply e-mail the coordinator who would be able to commit
it on their own?  That's a completely valid option, and the one I
would most likely use if I end up using it at all.


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