Re: cvs-po-commits-list *still broken*

lör 2005-08-06 klockan 14:46 +0200 skrev Danilo Šegan:
> Today at 13:12, Ross Golder wrote:
> > My first thoughts are to build on the '' script so
> > that it identified the po file being updated *and* the module it is
> > being updated in. We can then (using some kind of lookup tables, or mail
> > aliasing scheme) look up the translation team for that language, and the
> > maintainer of the module, and fire off a brief e-mail with a subject of
> > 'module/po/xx.po file changed by <cvslogin>' and a patch attached.
> > Should be achievable with some basic shell scripts, or it might be worth
> > re-coding it in python/perl or something.
> >
> > Thoughts? Ideas? Offers of help? :)
> Wonderful idea!  If Bugzilla sits on the same server, we might even
> use the appropriate component e-mail from l10n product: if there is no
> official contact for l10n product for a certain language, we could
> issue a mail to gnome-i18n. We generally require all translation
> teams to have a working Bugzilla component inside l10n product, so
> we'll also notice these missing Bugzilla components as well.

Please don't use the l10n Bugzilla components for that -- since we
require teams to have those components, we really shouldn't abuse the
component contacts by spamming them with CVS commit mails.

A better solution might be to use the teams XML database that I have
suggested in the past, so that teams by a proper setting teams decide
whether they want to have CVS commit mails mailed to them.

(The teams XML database I'm talking about is the long wanted replacement
for the static HTML teams page,, redone in valid XML
with a proper DTD, so that it can be parsed. If someone has the time to
implement that, please go ahead, since I won't have the time).


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