Re: Splitting gnome-games into domains

Tino Meinen wrote:

On ma, 2005-08-08 at 15:33 +0200, Danilo Åegan wrote:

Today at 14:40, Tino Meinen wrote:

If gnome-games is split up, will it not mean we would have to
translate: msgid "quit" and other common messages for every single game?

No if it's a Gtk+ stock item, or if you're using a translation memory
(which you should, really).

I know, I'm using my brain as translation memmory right now, but luckily
it's pretty stable at present.

gnome-games doesn't always use gtk+stock items ?
for example:

#. not translated on purpose
#: ../aisleriot/menu.c:205 ../blackjack/src/blackjack.cpp:311
#: ../glines/glines.c:1710 ../gnect/src/main.c:1133 ../gnibbles/main.c:602
#: ../gnobots2/menu.c:60 ../gnome-stones/main.c:1052
#: ../gnometris/tetris.cpp:132 ../gnomine/gnomine.c:759
#: ../gnotravex/gnotravex.c:178 ../gnotski/gnotski.c:631
#: ../gtali/gyahtzee.c:513 ../mahjongg/mahjongg.c:1257 ../same-gnome/ui.c:427
msgid "_Help"
msgstr ""

It would seem to me that splitting gnome-games into different domains is
overkill when there is a problem with just two messages. Wouldn't adding
a context to the offending messages be an easier way to solve this?

Agreed. But is it really just two messages? Are there maybe others
which we don't even know about?

Perhaps, I don't know, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be all that many.

I just had a quick look at the po file and there are only a handfull of
messages that are being used in more than one game. And some of those
don't need different contexts as well I believe. For instance: #: ../blackjack/src/blackjack.cpp:317 ../gnobots2/
msgid "Show toolbar"
msgstr ""


#: ../aisleriot/sol.c:412 ../glines/glines.c:1967 ../gnobots2/statusbar.c:65
#: ../gnome-stones/status.c:71 ../gnometris/scoreframe.cpp:58
#: ../gnomine/gnomine.c:441
msgid "Score:"
msgstr ""

I think it is best not to split gnome-games and go with the solution
Alexander Shopov suggests for the few messages that have

I second that.


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