Re: Splitting gnome-games into domains

On ma, 2005-08-08 at 15:33 +0200, Danilo Åegan wrote:
> Today at 14:40, Tino Meinen wrote:
> > If gnome-games is split up, will it not mean we would have to
> > translate: 
> > msgid "quit"  and other common messages for every single game?
> No if it's a Gtk+ stock item, or if you're using a translation memory
> (which you should, really). 
I know, I'm using my brain as translation memmory right now, but luckily
it's pretty stable at present.

gnome-games doesn't always use gtk+stock items ?
for example:

#. not translated on purpose
#: ../aisleriot/menu.c:205 ../blackjack/src/blackjack.cpp:311
#: ../glines/glines.c:1710 ../gnect/src/main.c:1133 ../gnibbles/main.c:602
#: ../gnobots2/menu.c:60 ../gnome-stones/main.c:1052
#: ../gnometris/tetris.cpp:132 ../gnomine/gnomine.c:759
#: ../gnotravex/gnotravex.c:178 ../gnotski/gnotski.c:631
#: ../gtali/gyahtzee.c:513 ../mahjongg/mahjongg.c:1257 ../same-gnome/ui.c:427
msgid "_Help"
msgstr ""

> > It would seem to me that splitting gnome-games into different domains is
> > overkill when there is a problem with just two messages. Wouldn't adding
> > a context to the offending messages be an easier way to solve this?
> Agreed.  But is it really just two messages?  Are there maybe others
> which we don't even know about?
Perhaps, I don't know, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be all that many.

I just had a quick look at the po file and there are only a handfull of
messages that are being used in more than one game. And some of those
don't need different contexts as well I believe. 
For instance: 
#: ../blackjack/src/blackjack.cpp:317 ../gnobots2/
msgid "Show toolbar"
msgstr ""


#: ../aisleriot/sol.c:412 ../glines/glines.c:1967 ../gnobots2/statusbar.c:65
#: ../gnome-stones/status.c:71 ../gnometris/scoreframe.cpp:58
#: ../gnomine/gnomine.c:441
msgid "Score:"
msgstr ""

I think it is best not to split gnome-games and go with the solution
Alexander Shopov suggests for the few messages that have


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