Splitting gnome-games into domains

It has been suggested to me (bug #312802) that gnome-games should use
multiple translation domains rather than the single one it currently uses.

This seems to be a perfectly reasonable request since each of the programs
is essentially separate and there are obviously currently some problems
with different games using the same words to mean different things. It
also seems to be fairly straight-forward for me to do as a programmer.
However, I have some questions:

a) Timing: I assume that this is going to be disruptive enough for
translators that it should wait until the beginning of the 2.13/2.14

b) The effect on translators: I don't really know how you guys do things.
Is this going to be a major change from the translators perspective?

c) Examples: Does anyone know, off the top of their head, of another
package that uses multiple domains that I could use as an example? (I
haven't looked hard yet.)

d) Any objections to doing it at all? As I said: it *seems* reasonable to
me, but I'm not an expert on this sort of thing. Note that it is also a
lot of domains: one for each game and another for the shared library.

 - Callum

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