Re: "Apparent" string-freeze breaks in gok, gnopernicus

Today at 23:29, Christian Rose wrote:
> As Abel pointed out, other people have been doing emergency releases of
> intltool in the past. So it's definately doable, and I'm sure that
> Kenneth doesn't mind.

Ok.  That seems a sane policy.

> Please *no*. There are two ways of translating GNOME: Either by fetching
> pot/po files from the translation status pages, or by generating the
> pot/po files directly from CVS. The results of these methods should
> never differ. 

Yeah, I see the point you're trying to make.  I see the pros and cons 
of both methods, and can understand which you weight more.

Predictability and stability is important, I agree, and we want to aim
for translators to have the easiest job possible.


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