Re: "Apparent" string-freeze breaks in gok, gnopernicus

sön 2004-09-12 klockan 19.58 skrev Danilo Šegan:
> > Personally, I'm not decided on what to do, besides cursing at intltool.
> > I'd really like to hear the release team and intltool maintainer
> > opinions on this. Would it be feasible to change intltool behavior this
> > late in the game, and get a new intltool release out that translators
> > can use?
> Kenneth is intltool maintainer, but I don't think he's available.
> Rodney is doing the releases for now. (Both CCed)
> There's no sense in changing intltool not to extract these strings.
> We can simply ask translators to use older intltool versions (0.31.1
> for instance, which they're probably doing at this time, so we need
> not ask them anything), and we need to use that version for status
> pages.  I don't thing the other fix in intltool 0.31.2 touches any of
> the core Gnome modules (it's related to po/Makevars parsing).

Ok, this clears up some confusion. As I read your message, you talked
about recent changes in CVS HEAD of intltool, which I assumed to be
non-released changes. In that case reverting or sticking to an old
release would have been some possible options.

As it turns out, this change seems to be present in the latest stable
intltool release, 0.31.2, released some time ago¹. Since we have a
policy that translators should always use the latest stable intltool
release, this is a non-issue, as translators who did that should already
have encountered these messages. So nothing to see here, just move

As a side note of this discussion, it would probably be useful if we
could discuss intltool issues in terms of releases instead of something
vague and everchanging such as "CVS HEAD". I certainly hope that noone
never uses intltool CVS HEAD for anything but testing, and uses the
latest stable release for any serious translation work. I certainly hope
that the translation status pages uses nothing but the latest stable
intltool release, and *never* CVS HEAD of intltool. The translation
status pages should show what any translator should see if running
intltool themselves, using the latest stable release.


¹ Appearantly that intltool release (0.31.2) was never announced,
neither here nor on gnome-announce-list, so it's difficult to extimate
how old this release is, or how translators were supposed to know about
it, but anyway.

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