Re: GTP Logo Revamped

Hello Danilo!

Danilo Åegan wrote:

First, let me state that I like the logo very much.  Perhaps 5 or 6
too many colours for my taste (I prefer logos which are at their best
even in black-and-white print-outs; btw, I counted 7 colours, so
that's what I mean with "5 or 6 too many" ;-).

We obviously share the same taste I suppose, but here I have to use as much colors as there are continents, because there must be some kind of "wit" in logo. 2, 3 color or grayscale version won't cut it imho.

FWIW, if people really insist on getting more stuff on, perhaps you
should add some globe-like distortion?

I think in the latest version I have the whole world pretty much covered, don't I? :) I tried to use globe-like distortion, but did not like that for some reason.

Please use sans-serif font for the title.  Serif fonts are commonly
useful only for long-texts, since serifs are useful when eyes read
long lines of text.  Of course, they're sometimes useful for titles,
but only at large sizes: they'll distort quickly at small sizes, and
we want logo to be useful at (almost) any size).

Agree, sans idea was only for testing, as we were going to change the font anyway. So I gues noone is against using Trebushet MS in our logo then? It is beautiful, sans-serif and current Gnome logo seems to use that. The only problem would be that I won't be able to embed all Trebushet characters, just needed ones because lisence prohibits redistributing [1]. So if one wants to modify the svg file and change the title, he/she must have Trebushet MS font which is a Microsoft property.

SVG file seems to run into some problems for me[1]. Perhaps my libsvg is not recent enough?

I don't think so, either this is my error or Illustrator exports buggy svg file so I guess I'll try to do that other way. Would you check the new file below?

I have now updated logos (force refresh your browser):

Have fun!

Scroll down to the third question.


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