Re: GTP Logo Revamped

> > > A suggestion is to take a worldmap, and distort it until all pieces
> > > inside. Not sure if it is feasible to do so, and still have the pieces
> > > somewhat recognizable (the kind of excellent continent coloring you've
> > > done would certainly help a lot).
> >
> > Actually I had a hard time fitting America continent into logo. I had to
> > strip the whole Atlantic ocean to do that :) Again, I was quite
> > satisfied with  the final version, because only small parts were left
> > out. Now after your suggestion there was no way to "distort the world"
> > so I made "foot" a little "fat" to include the rest of asia and Japan :)
> >
> > Here is the result:
> >
> >
> >
> > If this one is better, I can base other versions on this one.
> Much better! I am amazed; you actually managed to squeeze all of the
> world into the image, and it still looks natural!

Now, shouldn't we have Antarctica on the bottom of the foot? I think it's
worth, although Antartica has no language, since Antarctica is the largest
world continent and remains free: there's no country that owns it. I think
it's pretty simbolic: Antarctica is free and we do free software.

What do you think?

> Great job!

Agree. Great.

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