Re: GTP Logo Revamped

It is very nice and clean. I really like the "brush-stroke" quality!

One thing, though; the graphic is missing some substantial parts of the
world. You unfortunately cut out most of East Asia (including CHina,
Indonesia and Japan). At the same time, Europe and North America is
getting a lot of focus.

A suggestion is to take a worldmap, and distort it until all pieces fit
inside. Not sure if it is feasible to do so, and still have the pieces
somewhat recognizable (the kind of excellent continent coloring you've
done would certainly help a lot).

Another possible  suggestion would be to distriute the continents over
the six fields you have (five toes and a foot), according to relative
size. So, largest (Asia?) in the foot, second largest in the big toe and
so on, with Antarctica left behind.

On lör, 2004-09-11 at 18:17 +0300, Metin Amiroff wrote:
> Hello crowd!
> After tons of suggestions and feedback I now came up with the latest 
> version which is:
>   - Polished (rough edges removed)
>   - Has missing continents in it now
>   - Has GNOME Translation Project Title
>   - Colours have been slightly changed
>   - Has shadowed and simple version
>   - Has a transparent background, so you can test it against any kind of 
> background colour
>   - Has a SVG version so you could play with it in Inkscape or print it 
> on your T-shirt
> Since many people liked the first version, I stopped working on 
> alternatives and pushed hard on this one, so again, feedback is welcome.
> Here are the files:
> Simple versions:
> Shadowed version:
> SVG file:
> Happy weekend!
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