Re: New team for Iranian Azerbaijani (az_IR)


On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 09:28:24PM +0300, Metin Amiroff wrote:

> Pablo, if this is the case, will it require any changes in glibc locale 
> data and OpenOffice translation work?

libc has some translatable strings, but nothing has been done
in Azeri yet:
(as for locale data; no, nothing needs to be done)

For, I think it uses its own fixed locale naming,
independent of the libc, so maybe having "az" and "az_IR" is not
a problem for it (but if "az" is changed to "az_AZ" it may be more
logical to do it everywhere). 

That being said, I just realised that the fallback for untranslated
strings will always be in latin script anyway, be it English or
Azeri in latin script; so maybe they will prefer fallback to Azeri
latin anyway (it would be more complicated if it were the other way;
or if a language used two (or more!) different scripts that are not
latin script. 

So, after all, keeping "az" for Azeri in latin script may be a good
idea after all (as for charset encoding both Azeri in latin script and
Azeri in arabic script strictly require UTF-8, so there isn't a problem
here either (and even if it was, the problem wouldn't happen with Gtk2,
only with Gtk2 and Xt and the like).

Same reasoning goes for Turkmen and Kurdish too.

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