Re: New team for Iranian Azerbaijani (az_IR)

Hi Pablo,

Today at 17:28, Pablo Saratxaga wrote:

> The reason is that "az" and "az_IR" are not compatible (they use
> different writting systems; and probably the average speaker is not
> able to easily read the other writting).

Indeed â I missed that point (didn't take into account the way GNU
libc decides on the translation to use), so I was wrong.  Thanks,
Pablo, for clearing that up for me ;-)

Thus, it all comes down to:

> Now, the question is, would "az_IN" users be ok with such fallback?
> (that is, if no translation in arabic scritp exists, but an Azeri
> translation in latin script do exist, is it better than plain English?)
> If it is ok, then there is no need to change anything;
> however if that is not ok, there may be a problem.

I'm unable to make up my mind on these, since I don't have enough
knowledge.  This is something Metin and Roozbeh would have to clue us in. 

FWIW, if we need to rename files, it's better to do it sooner, rather
than later.

If most users of current "az" translations have so far used "az_AZ"
locale (Metin, what locale are you using?), then they would
experience no problems with switch from "az" to "az_AZ", and all
we'll be left with is the task of renaming files.


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