Re: (KA) Georgian support

Well, thank you. 

I'm working on this on my spare time so ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

So I will try to provide more time for this.. I really want georgians to injoy 
the fruits of GNOME and linux. 


Alexander (Sandro) Gavtadze

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Sent: Wed, 02 Jun 2004 00:44:51 +0200
Subject: Re: (KA) Georgian support

> tis 2004-06-01 klockan 19.23 skrev Alexander Gavtadze:
> > Hello,
> > I'm maintaining the georgian translation. The work is in progress and we are
> > hoping to release some of the files soon.  If there is something I can fix
> > please let me know and I will do so.
> Good to hear that.
> All things considered, your announcement of the current Georgian team
> was over a year ago, and during that time only 160 messages in total
> were translated into Georgian. That's not even 9? of GNOME.
> And that work wasn't even done by you. It was the Yelp translation of
> Aiet Kolkhi.
> Further, considering that this was only the second message ever that 
> you sent to this mailing list (the first one being your team announcement
> over a year ago), I assume this continous delay wasn't due to any
> problems or unclear issues with GNOME translations that you needed help
> with either.
> Still, since you've mysteriously reappeared now within our one week time
> frame, I'll continue to let you be the Georgian coordinator, if you and
> Aiet can cooperate.
> Should Aiet express any further unhappiness with your 
> coordinatorship, I won't hesitate a moment to give the 
> coordinatorship to him, or someone else that may have contributed at 
> that time.
> Because it's the actual contributions that count in GNOME, just like 
> in most other pieces of free software. Not big words, nor promises 
> for the future.
> Christian
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