Re: (KA) Georgian support

tis 2004-06-01 klockan 19.23 skrev Alexander Gavtadze:
> Hello,
> I'm maintaining the georgian translation. The work is in progress and we are
> hoping to release some of the files soon.  If there is something I can fix
> please let me know and I will do so.

Good to hear that.

All things considered, your announcement of the current Georgian team
was over a year ago, and during that time only 160 messages in total
were translated into Georgian. That's not even 9‰ of GNOME.
And that work wasn't even done by you. It was the Yelp translation of
Aiet Kolkhi.

Further, considering that this was only the second message ever that you
sent to this mailing list (the first one being your team announcement
over a year ago), I assume this continous delay wasn't due to any
problems or unclear issues with GNOME translations that you needed help
with either.

Still, since you've mysteriously reappeared now within our one week time
frame, I'll continue to let you be the Georgian coordinator, if you and
Aiet can cooperate.

Should Aiet express any further unhappiness with your coordinatorship, I
won't hesitate a moment to give the coordinatorship to him, or someone
else that may have contributed at that time.

Because it's the actual contributions that count in GNOME, just like in
most other pieces of free software. Not big words, nor promises for the


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